Certain that diverse citizens share the common goal to

                    "SAVE OUR FREE REPUBLIC", this project was born.

                           We hope to help citizens think MORE WISELY about COUNTRY & LIBERTY.     
                        "The People'' must learn to by-pass contrary media/forces that
                          ignore the majority-will of steady, patriotic, productive & cautious 
                           REAL AMERICANS 
                            who  ASK THE LEAST  from gov't,  but always  PAY THE MOST.

                               [ Your heart knows...it's time to...SAVE OUR Free Republic ]          

                        ( President TRUMP...brings REAL HOPE to do JUST THAT  )

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.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~NOT Democrat or Republican or 3rd Party           .    

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                                                 (SOFR)                                                                                   2017

-- aka "SOFR project" ~a worthy effort --

   -- Website;  5-Page Civic Refresher  Crash-Course; --   
  (Read 5 pages  [honor system]   to complete  'course';  earn 'rewards';   details follow)   

                            With LIBERTY in mind, one hopes people are sincere when they....      
                       "....pledge allegiance to the flag.....and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands....".

                         But sadly, this nation, a free Republic....today faces grim realities: Big-Gov't treads on liberty,
                            Political-Correctness stifles common sense, and Ignorance prevents bonded patriotism.
                              A lot of radical people seek to mangle: our moral traditions, sense of freedom with
                              responsibility, and the foundation of our nation ~its Constitution. Indeed, most
                                in that reckless 'mob' amongst us ....hate, disrespect, bypass, ignore, cheat, 
                                 and undermine the Constitution ...to mutate our status as a Republic.

                            Suffering the nation's plight, caring   Americans are 'called'  to... 

                          ...RECALL HERITAGE (review our founding),        
                              ...SOUND AN ALARM (there is major crisis),    
                               ...ASSERT THE TRUTH (It's a free Republic).
                            We want to comply, ....But, HOW ?
                            Be more informed (Crash-Course helps);  
                                  Reach out with a flashy, rousing message!          

                ...the 'SOFR' Slogan !